i'm in love with that indi-go-go

i'm in love with that indi-go-go

by: Nicki Patel | 4.10.17

Blue. It is the color of the ocean (my favorite place), it is the color of my favorite sports team (NY Giants), and it is the color of my first collection (my favorite collection – JK 😉).

It is peaceful yet exciting, calm yet vibrant, bold yet secluded, and reassuring yet mysterious.

My first collection is inspired by the peace I find being close to the ripples of the waves, the crashing water on the shore, and the salty air filling my body with energy. It is rejuvenating and refreshing while remaining one with nature.

Being proud of my Indian and Zambian roots, it was only natural that I wanted to use indigo for my collection. Indigo named after the country of origin, India, is not only a beautiful natural extract from the plant, Indigofera Tinctoria, it has amazing Ayurveda properties that go back centuries.

Keep it Natural.jpg

In India, the plant has been used to cure a number of ailments. Here are a few of treatments and cures from the extracts of the plant:

  • has antiseptic and astringent properties
  • lowers blood pressure
  • treats depression
  • has anti-cancer properties
  • treats bronchitis
  • treats asthma
  • treats various other respiratory problems
  • treats problems with spleen, lungs, and kidneys
  • has liver protective properties + fights lung cancer cells
  • treats cardiovascular problems
  • treats urinary tract problems
  • treats sores, ulcers, piles, and venomous bites and stings (paste from leaves)
  • has long term benefits for type-1 and type-2 diabetes
  • helps with epilepsy
  • treats psoriasis
  • helps with inflammation and purifies the liver and blood
  • helps as a pain reliever especially for fevers
  • promotes natural hair growth and is used for hair dye

Learn more about the exact studies and research here.

The plants uses are limitless and the beauty of the color is brilliant. Through our first collection, we are shining light on its amazing versatility and purpose. We believe in designing clothes that last, and are made without compromising people or the planet. By using only natural plant-based dyes and crafting each piece by hand, we are ensuring that our pieces not only look good, but also feel good when they are worn.

Coming your way via Kickstarter on April 18th! 💙