do you even urad?

do you even urad?

by: Nicki Patel | 8.6.17

Have you seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know how Gus (Toula’s dad) is obsessed with Windex? He thinks it can solve any problem you got! Breakout? Put some Windex on it. Backache? Put some Windex on it. Sticky door? Put some Windex on it. You get the picture. Well, I have a similar obsession with this simple and completely plant-based powder (totally, not as extreme as Gus – at least I hope so!).

My family and friends make fun of me for how much I use this amazing and magical stuff. I am so obsessed and such a huge proponent of its benefits, I have also started using it on Milo! Okay, okay, before you think I am losing my mind, let me explain.

When I became really ill back in 2014, I couldn’t put anything in my stomach – like literally anything hence the major weight loss and so on. This powder became my remedy (plus a few other things I will share with yall later) as I worked towards bringing back my health all on my own, and I began to use it for everything. I mean every-thing! One of the many reasons I swear by it is because I haven’t had to take an antibiotic or any sort of western medicine since 2014 because I added this one simple ingredient (and recipe – see below) to my diet.

The powder readily available in majority of our kitchens has been part of my culture and traditions for generations beyond my own. In Indian cooking, it is one of the main ingredients in almost every dish. I honestly can’t think of a dish that it isn’t used in - seriously! The oh-so-common ingredient has also been used medicinally for generations beyond mine in Ayurveda. It is known for being an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and a natural defense against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few.

So what is this natural, all powerful super powder?

It is turmeric! Until recently, I didn’t realize that my family and I weren’t the only crazy ones out there using it for everything. Now you can find turmeric in turmeric lattes at local coffee shops and drink ‘golden soups’ in holistic or wellness restaurants.


Why does this matter?

Turmeric has so many benefits, but you can only read so many articles to find the ones that are medically proven. Here are a few that have the science and facts behind them.

1.      Turmeric helps promote balanced mood.

According to a randomized, double-blind study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, a group reported noticeable and promising results with turmeric for supporting a balanced mood. Two groups were studied with the first group receiving curcumin daily, while the other received a placebo. After eight weeks, the mood and anxiety score tests completed by all of the participants showed significant symptom improvements compared to the placebo.

2.      Turmeric helps heal wounds.

If you are like me and are super clumsy, cuts, scraps, and falls are a regular thing. As far back as I can remember, my mom has used turmeric to stop bleeding and prevent infection for all my stumbles and falls. Until the study in Life Sciences, I just thought it was an Indian mom thing. But, the study found that the curcumin in turmeric offers beneficial properties that appear to accelerate the wound healing process by soothing irritation and oxidation. I guess it isn’t just an Indian mom thing after all!

3.      Turmeric can ease aches and discomfort from joint stiffness.

The Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging did a study examining the effects of turmeric on knee discomfort and found that the turmeric group had more relief from joint stiffness. Those taking turmeric also reported significantly fewer side effects than those following mainstream western medicinal practices.

4.      Turmeric helps with irritated tissue and soothes inflammation.

A review published in Advances of Experimental Medicine found the soothing effect of turmeric is likely exerted through its ability to inhibit enzymes that irritate tissue. Swelling is a natural response by the body during times of stress or repair. Due to the many stresses in our daily lives and environments, our bodies are constantly pressured and as a result the tissues in our bodies are always irritated or swollen. Turmeric has the ability to inhibit that irritation on the tissue and actually soothe it before it becomes inflamed.

5.      Turmeric supports the stomach lining.

Like I mentioned previously turmeric is used in Indian cooking regularly to give the food a certain taste or color. One of the many reasons it has been used for generations in Indian cooking is because of its soothing digestive properties. Need stronger facts? Researchers tested the protective effects of turmeric on the stomach lining against acidic preps used to induce stomach ulcers. Before the ethanol was provided to the study group, they prepped the group with turmeric essential oils and found that the turmeric protected the cells in the stomach and damage was dramatically reduced. They also found that turmeric offered protection for other stomach diseases as well.

How can I use it?

You can create a facemask with equal parts of turmeric and yogurt. Apply it all over your face (or body), and let it dry slightly, wash off thoroughly as it can stain your skin and clothes. The mask is a great for acne and brightening your skin.

You can also use it in your cooking by just adding a pinch to give color or taste. It is really important to allow turmeric to cook with ghee or something oil based as the main component, curcumin, in turmeric isn’t easily absorbable by the body without something to activate it. Turmeric can also help your furry friends. Milo suffers from fear aggression, severe allergies, and IBD which can be a huge mess if any one of the above gets activated. To help build his immune system, I have added a homemade concoction of fresh ghee and turmeric to his daily diet. The benefits have been amazing for him, but I would highly recommend consulting with your local vet before adding anything new to your pet’s diet.

You can create your own homemade daily immune booster. The recipe below is in no way, shape or form medically approved. It is a family recipe that has been passed down for generations. I drink this concoction every night before I brush my teeth and head to bed (it does stain so I highly recommend brushing your teeth immediately after drinking it). It helps calm down your gut, build your immune system, cool your body, and create balance in your daily diet.

Nicki’s Cure All:

1 tablespoon (heapful) of ghee

1 tablespoon (heapful) of organic turmeric 

½ cup of water

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon of honey (I recommend a local brand as this will help tremendously in building up your immune system with local allergens)

Combine everything above, but the honey in a small pot on your stove. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring occasionally. Pour into a small bowl and add the honey to the mixture until it is completely melted away. Let cool only to a drinkable temperature, and drink it while still warm. Enjoy!

Turmeric is a miracle powder for me and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. So if you have a problem breakout or need a little boost? Add some turmeric and live it up because you aren’t only doing some good for your skin or taste buds, you are adding some extra oomph to your immune system!

How has turmeric helped you? Leave a comment below!