the bandhani collection

the bandhani collection

the bandhani collection

by: Nicki Patel | 9.10.17

What is bandhani?

The term bandhani is derived from the Sanskrit verbal root bandh ("to bind, to tie"). Bandhani is a tying technique used to create different patterns in fabric. It is commonly confused with tie-dye and Shibori, but has it's own roots in India (going back to the 300 BCs when Alexander the Great documented the beautiful dyes seen in India in his texts after his trips). 

Bandhani is the oldest method still in practice and is used more commonly to make sarees, odhnis, and turbans in India. Being one of my favorite patterns and forms of art, I am very excited to bring yall one of the many bandhani patterns to our next collection. 

The techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, and are very labor intensive. Everything we create is done by hand, and we pride ourselves in being fair trade, sustainable, and ethical in all parts. The fabric is tied by hand with winding thread to create very small knots with the cloth coming through the tie. After all knots are tied, the fabric is dipped in all natural plant-based dyes such as indigo, and allowed to dry in the sun.

Once the fabric is dry, it is rinsed, excess liquid is squeezed out, and then it is dried again. To get a darker and more rich color, the fabric can be dyed again. Once the desired color is achieved, the fabric is washed and dried a final time. When the fabric is completely dry, our amazing all women team will pull apart the fabric gently so the tied knots are released and reveal a unique pattern of white dots beneath. It is absolutely beautiful! 

bandhani 2.jpg

Why bandhani + colors?

Milo and I's journey and story is tied to our culture and traditions, and with each collection we hope to share a piece of it. From football traditions ranging from my alma matar to the big blue, and fall festivities like Diwali and Navratri to name a few, fall is full of color and love. The bandhani collection is full of deep indigos, festive rust or burnt orange shades, and pops of crisp white. It is a reflection on the past and a pop of excitement for the future. 

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